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BmAI: Your Active Partner in Real-Time Process Control and Optimization

Introducing BmAI

Your Next-Gen AI Control System – Launching in 2024

Prepare for a breakthrough in AI system control. BmAI is designed to be the ultimate control hub for your industrial AI systems. Targeted for its first release in 2024, BmAI is not just another tool, it’s the controller you’ve been waiting for.

Key Functions in Development

Engineering Peak Performance

BmAI leverages cutting-edge optimization algorithms to bring your AI systems as close as possible to the 'optimum point.'

Informed Decisions Through Deep Analysis

BmAI provides a detailed comparative analysis between the desirable 'optimum point' and the actual performance metrics.

Beyond Management: Total Control

BmAI isn't just a management tool; it's a vigilant controller. Our primary mission is to ensure that your AI-based systems are performing as efficiently as they should be, both in planning and operational phases.

Holistic Approach to Safety and Security

With BmAI, you're not just optimizing processes; you're also fortifying them. We offer a holistic view of safety and security, promptly analyzing incidents and potential threats.

About Scarcelli Italia S.p.A.
Innovating for the Future

Founded in 1999, Scarcelli Italia initially made its mark in the energy and telecommunications sectors, demonstrating the traits of a company bound for excellence. The firm expanded its expertise over the years to include mechanical, thermal, plumbing, and fire-fighting systems, signifying a strategic evolution.

One of our most anticipated projects is BmAI, a product currently in development by a specialized division within Scarcelli Italia. Aimed at revolutionizing building automation, BmAI plans to utilize both automation and artificial intelligence to transform buildings into smarter, more efficient, and sustainable spaces.

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